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ENP-South countries: second recruitment for face-to-face sessions in Poland

October 6, 2016

We are launching the recruitment for the second round of the E-Platform face-to-face sessions that will take place from 26 to 30 November 2016 in Poland, and is open for the citizens of ENP-South countries.

6 best scoring eligible participants from each of the ENP-South countries will be invited to participate in the sessions. The E-Platform for Neighbourhood project, funded by the EU and implemented by the College of Europe Natolin Campus, will cover the costs of participants’ board and lodging for the period of the face-to-face sessions, as well as the cost of roundtrip to Poland from the participants’ countries of residence.

To be qualified for the Sessions, the eligible user must complete  at least 1 course from the  “Knowledge  about  the  EU” group of e-learning courses and at  least 1 course  from the  “Skills-building” group of e-learning courses available on the E-Platform. The deadline for passing the e-learning courses self-tests is 30 October 2016, 23:59 (Warsaw time).

Detailed information regarding the terms and conditions of the face to face sessions participation is available in the attached files.

If you have not registered yet on the E-Platform, we encourage you to do so. Tell your friends and colleagues about this opportunity!

Good luck!

Kind regards,

E-Platform team

information for users f2f second edition

terms of participation f2f sessions in Poland second edition

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